Hello everyone – This is the first post of my blog and I want to start with you. Yes you (the reader).

How are you? How is life going? I will tell you how my life has been….

Earning good money through coding skills, I can’t complain financially but these past 6 months have been rough, in terms of pleasure depletion. There are only a handful of things which interest me the most and one of them is skydiving. I haven’t been able to skydive for last 6 months and this makes me feel I am not enjoying my life to the fullest. You may argue about my insanity, thinking how could a reckless, putting oneself in danger activity could become a source of comfort for me? The thing is, it taught to be certain lessons in life. I remember when I was studying in college, in Australia and my friends went on to have a time of their life. At first, I thought not worth considering but after seeing videos of my friends on social media, I got excited. I also took the courage to speak to my parents about it. At first, they had safety concerns but after a while, they urged me to take a new life experience, thinking it might make me learn a thing or two about life. During my flight, I remember my knees shivering inside the plane and how our instructor told us not to give up. I took my first flight with an instructor and immediately closed my eyes when we left the plane.

Half of my GoPro moments of first flight are still with closed eyes and laugh at myself, every time I see the video. I loved my experience so much that I went for another skydiving experience next week and realized its importance in life. Through my future posts, I hope to share my experience with readers of my blog.