Hi, my name is Reed Richards. I am a 25 years old software engineer. My father was in a foreign office and we had to travel to different countries. Asia, Europe, and Australia – I have seen them all. My love for skydiving started when I got 22 years old. Our family was posted in Sydney and there was a huge fan following of skydiving. At first, I thought this of something foolish i.e. an errand which would only risk my life.

One thing my parents always say to me is to try different experiences so that I don’t get regrets later in life. With my friends going skydiving and sharing their experiences, I decided to talk to my parents about it. Initially, they were worried about safety concerns but I made them satisfied by showing the videos of my friends. I took a GoPro and went on to film my experience. It was something I couldn’t explain in words. After my first experience, I took 3 more rides in the next 3 months. Then, our family moved back to Australia.

I started this blog, hoping to pen down my experiences of skydiving.

Stay Tuned!