Although I love food, coding, exercise and cooking exotic dishes, it is the pleasure of skydiving I seek the most. I am a 25 years old software engineer, hoping the spread the love of skydiving through my posts. Currently, I have been busy with my job and find little recreational time for myself. However, I have decided to let this blog be a passion guide for adrenaline junkies all around the world. It has been 6 months since I had my last skydiving experience. In the absence of that experience, I felt the need to start a movement about loving skydiving. I still have the diary notes I wrote of my first skydiving experience and how I felt scared. Reading them occasionally makes me relive the experience and helps me get emotionally stronger. About how I was a little afraid due to security measures and how my parents supported me. I hope to share them with you.

I also have plans of sharing the best skydiving places, offering the most affordable rates with good safety measures.

Stay tuned for my posts!