Welcome to the APF.asn.au!
Welcome to the APF.asn.au!
"An Absolute Blast!!"

About us

Hello readers, Be warned. You are reading the blog of adrenaline junkies who love the art of skydiving. Through our posts, we hope to ignite a passion for skydiving inside your heart. Know that we are not professional skydivers – we just want the world to see our point of view. We would appreciate your output.

Why We Love Skydiving...


There is freedom in air. Once our feet miss the solid land of plane, we feel as light as a bird. We develop food for thought, while enjoying the vastness of our atmosphere.


I am of the opinion that acceptance of vulnerability makes us strong. When we are in the air, we don’t have wings and we cannot fly. Personally speaking, I feel vulnerable and this makes me emotionally stronger.

Something Unique

A lot of people have a desk job, who eat cereals and follow Kim Kardashian for fashion recommendations. But the point is, not everyone is doing skydiving. Being something unique, it has captured our hearts.


Do you love skydiving as much as us? Read our blog!

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