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Gear Classifieds - Updated February 2016








Instructions to get your advert posted.

If you want your ad to appear on this web page send content to the web site administrator on our Contact Form. Include full name of ownership of the equipment, including APF membership number, even if an ex member. Important basic info of harness/ parachutes/ price/ contacts should be included i.e. the harness size, no. of jumps, colours, DoM etc.
Contacts - EMAIL WARNING: Email and phone contacts must be provided. BUT, emails are the favourite target of scammers, so if you do not want it posted, please advise. Read the Scammer Warning below.

Text of ads may be altered by the web site administrator prior to being posted on the web site. Ads will automatically be removed after ~3-4 months. You are requested to advise the APF if your rig is sold.

The Australian Parachute Federation accepts no responsibility for the Used Equipment sales, this is only a service provided for advertising on behalf of APF members.

More 2nd hand gear for sale at:


A number of APF Members who have used the classified advertisements web page have reported that they have become the potential target of various attempted scams involving dubious financial transactions. Do not be taken in by these scams! Sell or buy your gear only from another APF Member who is a bona fide parachutist with a genuine interest in the equipment.

These scams have been going on for a while in the classifieds. They resurface from time to time. The scammers use different names and the exact form of the offer may vary. Here's some simple and general advice to protect yourself from becoming a victim:  

    • DO NOT do business with anyone who offers to send you payment for a higher amount than your selling price with the understanding that you'll send back the balance.

    • Be wary of anyone who requires you to only pay by Paypal. Do not provide your PayPal Email address, your full name or your phone number.

    • Be wary if you are advised you don't need to worry about shipment because the buyer has a pick-up agent who will also determine and secure the shipment.

    • Be wary if a higher payment is supposedly made than you asked for.

    • Be wary of any contact made to you from an on-line texting site.

    • Be suspicious of anyone claiming to be acting on behalf of a "client" or another "customer" or purchasing a "present" for someone else.

    • If you agree to accept a cheque payment, then do not send anything, gear or "change" before the cheque cleared. And be careful, if you manage to clear a fraudulent cheque then you may be liable for the damages if the bank finds out later. Make sure your bank authenticates the cheque.

    • If it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is

    • ASK SKYDIVING SPECIFIC QUESTIONS of your 'buyer' to help ascertain their authenticity. Even ask for their APF Membership Number.


This page is intended for the advertisement of parachute equipment for private sales from APF Member to APF Member. However, the web is in the public domain and may be accessed by anyone. Purchasers should take care before making payments and vendors should take care before parting with goods as no liability can be accepted by the APF. If you are in any doubt about the identity of a prospective vendor or purchaser, we would advise you to ask them for the relevant information to enable you to verify their identity.

The person placing an advertisement has sole responsibility for its wording and the advertisements are not endorsed or approved by the APF, nor does the APF check the accuracy of the descriptions of goods for sale. The APF accepts no responsibility for any negotiations that may result from these advertisements or for any loss or dissatisfaction, be it caused by fraudulence or otherwise. The APF reserves the right to withdraw any advertisement without giving a reason. No liability can be accepted by the APF for any error or omission.

The APF recommends any prospective purchaser of parachute equipment (i) to take advice from an instructor and/or rigger; (ii) not to make payment until the item/s have been inspected and deemed serviceable and suitable for the weight, experience, and level of skill of the purchaser.




1) Katana 107, DOM 11/2007 approx. 700 jumps relined approx. 200 jumps ago and surprisingly still quite crispy. A small patch tail right of label and small pulling of thread on right hand side. New slider however some damage on under side near grommets. RED/RED/YEL/YEL/RED/RED/RED/RED/RED $1300
2) PD Optimum Reserve 113 DOM 11/2007 no rides. $1100
Located Maitland, NSW (near Newcastle). Contact Mel on 0412240522 or


Camera Setup (no DSLR). Cookie Ozone Large (small crack from previous owner). Cooke flat lock for stills and sony cx110. Blow switch. Sigma 10-20mm fisheye. Sony cx 110 with fisheye lens and charger. Cookie Cube
Asking $650 ono buyer pays postage. Contact Tim on or 0439778508.


Vector Micron V310 (DoM Jan 2011. MLW 19.5"). Rig comes complete and ready to jump. Optimum 143 reserve (DoM 12/2010). Skyhook. Magnetic riser covers. Full 3D spacer foam. Crossfire 2 129. CYPRES2 DoM 05/2012 (recently serviced). I bought the container and canopies all brand new. Has been well looked after all its life. Has done less then 200 jumps and is in excellent condition. Will fit a larger jumper. I am 90kg and 6"4 tall.
$8,500 Contact Jake on 0429 099 033


JakeScolesV3 JakeScolesCrossfire

REDUCED PRICE! Racer #32502 DOM Aug 05, great condition fits 60 to 70kG and 165 to 180cm tall. Very comfy has new pop top cover pilot chute and bridle will take up to 150 main and 143 reserve.
Main is a PILOT 150 # 12746 DOM 2/7/10 with 8 jumps only perfect condition. Opens great, flies great, lands great. Reserve is PD126R #4702 DOM May 93. 1 use 17 packs perfect condition.
AAD CYPRES2 #61195 DOM 08/10 4 year service last November
Regrettable sale. Located in Hunter Valley. $4000.00 ono plus shipping, contact Steve Robards (Robes) 0418 369 841



Safire 2 229 canopy. Only about 150 jumps on it. No patches or holes, never been chopped and always packed in doors. Great big boy canopy, nice slow and predictable opener, but semi elliptical for a little added performance. Asking $2100, but can move a little. Can be picked up from Sydney area or Goulbourn, or we can arrange shipping within Australia.
Cookie G3, XL. Only around 40 skydives and a little tunnel use. Comes with a couple extra side plates. Only some tiny minor scratches, has been steamed cleaned. Asking $350 plus postage, or can be picked up from Sydney area or Goulbourn DZ.
Contact David on or 0414602036.

DavidWalkerSafire DavidWalkerHelmet

REDUCED PRICE! $2200. Container: Javelin TJN (Serial number: 14432). Harness size: C-18 (has been used by 179cm tall male, 75kg) DOM: Oct 1997. Soft reserve handle fitted (spare original cutaway pad, metal reserve handle and x 2 OFF RSL's included).Harness has hip & chest rings. BOC hacky sack. Total number of jumps: 721. No AAD.
Main canopy: Stiletto 135. DOM: October 1997. Total number of jumps: 721. Canopy was relined by Parachutes Australia in December 2006: only done 20 jumps since reline. NB: The canopy has a small patch repair carried out by Parachutes Australia.
Reserve canopy: PD126R (serial number: 14901). Colour: white. DOM: September 1997.
Contact Scott on

ScottMacdonaldJavB ScottMacdonaldJavF ScottMacdonaldJavS ScottMacdonaldStiletto

1. Birdman wingsuit. Great starter suit. Good condition, no rips. Suits 165-175cm height. 90-110 cm chest. $400
2. 2006 aerodyne research, vision 132 main canopy. Elliptical. Lines are really good with no fraying. Unknown jumps, estimate 600-800. No damage and fabric has plenty of jumps left in it $500.
Contact Winston on or 0414455412.

WinstonTaylorWingsuitF WinstonTaylorWingsuitB WinstonTaylorCanopy

I am selling a 2004 UPT Micron 304. Grey with the white V. White harness. The main is a Velocity 84 which is white with red cross bracing. Reserve which works, yes I jumped it id the PD 106. $4000. Not getting enough use at present and paragliding is calling.
Contact Lee on and 0433459345.

LeeBartonMicron LeeBartonVelo

Reserves For Sale REDUCED PRICES!
1. PA Airforce120 Reserve all white DOM 04/1994 $250.00
2. Mighty Mak 360 Reserve to suit Student or large person will take  up to 136KG all white DOM 12/1995  $550.00
3. Preserve  IV 22ft conical Hanbury Products Corp Round Reserve DOM 12/1995  $270.00          
Contact  John Friswell PH 0448 391 248 Paypal/Credit Card/Bank TR available,  Buyer pays postage

JohnFriswell 3. Airforce 120 JohnFriswell 4. Mighty Mak JohnFriswell 2. 202 Hanbury
 1. 2.

Container: Tear Drop #2983 D.O.M: 7/90.500 Jumps. Adjustable leg straps, fit any size. Main: Sabre 135, 500 Jumps, still in great condition. DOM ~ 93. Reserve: PD 143. # 0309, D.O.M 1/90. Last repack 11/2/02 $$ MAKE AN OFFER!
Also for sale is a Razor Sports relative work jump suit, good size boosters. Small size & tight for 50-60kg person. Still in excellent condition. $100.
Last jumped 23/6/02. Stored in gear bag last 13 years, in wardrobe.  Located - Ballarat Vic: Contact Darren; 0413 308 703 or

DarrenStephensTeardrop DarrenStephensSabre

Canberra / Queanbeyan NSW. Complete Aerodyne rig. $9500ono. (11 jumps only!)  Main canopy ZERO P size 260. Reserve 220, no flights. Skyhook, AAD - CYPRES. Rig was purchased brand new from US, always packed indoors. Selling as work commitments don't allow time to jump. Excellent rig. Comes with black helmet (L/XL) and alti. Custom made jump suit, colour matched with the canopy (black, white & orange) would suit someone around 5"8 tall and of medium build. DOM 15/2/2013 $400.
Call Dan on 0401 311 611 for more info or if you would like to view.

DanRedondoRigF DanRedondoRigB.jpg  DanRedondoAAD DanRedondoSuit DanRedondoHelmetAlti
Icon Icon  AAD
Camera Suit Helmet & Alti

Custom made 2 piece jump suit. Only jumped 6 times. Reinforced knees and backside with shoulder hand grips. Would suit someone 5'10 - 6'0 tall and medium build. $200 located in Brisbane.

Contact Jason 0409 578 816.

JasonThompsonSuitB JasonThompsonSuitF

Optima ll audible less than 10 jumps $280. Including standard postage within Aus only.
Spirit Skysports custom rel suit, booties/2x internal phone/pull ups pockets. medium size 170cm/175cm height/ up to about 85kg. only 40 jumps, cost $660 new. asking $500. buyer to pay postage. gear located 55 mins from Mudgee, NSW. Contact Tim on 0263761216.

TimCottleOptima TimCottleJS

REDUCED PRICE! $1400! Talon 2: DOM 1999, will fit medium size person. Approx 1,500 jumps. Main: Stiletto 135 DOM 3/99. Prior to me buying it in 2005 it had approx 1,000 jumps. I had a new line set put on and have done approx. 1,500 jumps on it. Reserve - Airforce 120. No AAD.
For an unbiased opinion of the rig call Rory Hatchett; master rigger based at Sydney skydivers. (0412 908 071) Any questions send me an email on: or give me a call, Guy: 0419 223 836

GuyTaylorStiletto GuyTaylorTalon GuyTaylorTalonF

REDUCED PRICE!  $700. Icarus Safire 2 Canopy 159. DOM 11/05. 492 logged jumps. White with (defunct) Fincorp sponsor logo as per photo. Logo not very visible. Very good condition. Contact Glenn 0425 204 698.



LG Bubblegum Cookie Fuel Helmet (Size LG - Large), as new condition less than 20 jumps. Comes with right side plate that fits Solo/Optima, GoPro click in top mount, bubblegum chincup and original right side plate and chin strap. Can be picked up from Brisbane, Gold Coast or Byron Bay. $350 all inclusive and willing to post at buyer's expense.
Contact Renee on or 0439 860 081.

ReneeBorellHelmet1 ReneeBorellHelmet2 ReneeBorellHelmet3 ReneeBorellHelmet4

REDUCED PRICE! Vector 3 DOM: 2000 with an airforce 120 reserve, can separate if necessary. Great rig has fitted a 135 and a 120 for a main, do not know if it would fit other sizes. I am 5'3" 60kgs and the rig fits me perfectly but it could also fit someone smaller or bigger. Price $1500 thanks ph 0413 411 805 Katie.


KatieFluinV3 KatieFluinV3Front

Complete Rig. $1,800 — Ingleburn, New South Wales, Australia. Talon 2 size 0 1998 built for 120 9 cell, fits 70Kg, 178cm tall jumper. VX 99 with JVX lineset 50 jumps since reline, no holes or patches, flies great. Tight fit in this rig but have done hundred of jumps with this setup. Reserve PA 120 1991, 3 rides, great condition. CYPRES 2 2007, just had last service. Reserve just repacked, Rig ready to jump. Located in Sydney, at Picton most Sundays.
Contact Col on or 0419 438 486.

ColPorterTalon ColPorterVX

Compete Rig $2500. Container – Talon 2, DOM 9/2000 very good condition, made for male 165cm, 70kg. Main – Safire 139, DOM 9/2000 only 200 jumps. Reserve – Airforce 140, DOM 9/2000 only used once. Last reserve repack Aug 2011. Located Glen Innes – Northern NSW. Contact - John Chappell 0408 059 247.

JohnChappellTalon JohnChappellTalonF JohnChappellSafire

Reduced Price! Talon FS (DOM 04) Size T1. Crossfire 159. PD Optimum 143 (No Rides). Cypres 2 (Dom 2010) next service due 12/18. Gath helmet Lrg. Solo audible. Viso alti. Also what ever else is in the gear bag which includes jump tix to Nagambie and Bridgewater. All in very good condition. $4000 neg.
Contact Tom on 0422 776 606.

TomRyanCrossfire TomRyanTalon TomRyanGear
 Crossfire 159 Talon