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Gear Classifieds - Updated May 2015








Instructions to get your advert posted.

If you want your ad to appear on this web page send content to the web site administrator on our Contact Form. Include full name of ownership of the equipment, including APF membership number, even if an ex member. Important basic info of harness/ parachutes/ price/ contacts should be included ie. the harness size, no of jumps, colours, DoM etc.

Text of ads may be altered by the web site administrator prior to being posted on the web site. Ads will automatically be removed after ~3-4 months. You are requested to advise the APF if your rig is sold.

The Australian Parachute Federation accepts no responsibility for the Used Equipment sales, this is only a service provided for advertising on behalf of APF members.

The APF Office does not directly publish Equipment ads in the Australian Skydiver Magazine (ASM). Magazine ads should be sent to Susie McLachlan at Fx 07 5492 8202 or Email at

More 2nd hand gear for sale at:


A number of APF Members who have used the classified advertisements web page have reported that they have become the potential target of various attempted scams involving dubious financial transactions. Do not be taken in by these scams! Sell or buy your gear only from another APF Member who is a bona fide parachutist with a genuine interest in the equipment.

  • These scams have been going on for a while in the classifieds. They resurface from time to time. The scammers use different names and the exact form of the offer may vary. Here's some simple and general advice to protect yourself from becoming a victim:  

    • DO NOT do business with anyone who offers to send you payment for a higher amount than your selling price with the understanding that you'll send back the balance.

    • Be wary of anyone who requires you to only pay by Paypal. Do not provide your PayPal Email address, your full name or your phone number.

    • Be wary if you are advised you don't need to worry about shipment because the buyer has a pick-up agent who will also determine and secure the shipment.

    • Be wary if a higher payment is supposedly made than you asked for.

    • Be wary of any contact made to you from an on-line texting site.

    • Be suspicious of anyone claiming to be acting on behalf of a "client" or another "customer" or purchasing a "present" for someone else.

    • If you agree to accept a cheque payment, then do not send anything, gear or "change" before the cheque cleared. And be careful, if you manage to clear a fraudulent cheque then you may be liable for the damages if the bank finds out later. Make sure your bank authenticates the cheque.

    • If it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is

    • ASK SKYDIVING SPECIFIC QUESTIONS of your 'buyer' to help ascertain their authenticity. Even ask for their APF Membership Number.


This page is intended for the advertisement of parachute equipment for private sales from APF Member to APF Member. However, the web is in the public domain and may be accessed by anyone. Purchasers should take care before making payments and vendors should take care before parting with goods as no liability can be accepted by the APF. If you are in any doubt about the identity of a prospective vendor or purchaser, we would advise you to ask them for the relevant information to enable you to verify their identity.

The person placing an advertisement has sole responsibility for its wording and the advertisements are not endorsed or approved by the APF, nor does the APF check the accuracy of the descriptions of goods for sale. The APF accepts no responsibility for any negotiations that may result from these advertisements or for any loss or dissatisfaction, be it caused by fraudulence or otherwise. The APF reserves the right to withdraw any advertisement without giving a reason. No liability can be accepted by the APF for any error or omission.

The APF recommends any prospective purchaser of parachute equipment (i) to take advice from an instructor and/or rigger; (ii) not to make payment until the item/s have been inspected and deemed serviceable and suitable for the weight, experience, and level of skill of the purchaser.




$4550.00 Wings container mostly black with aqua green w-5 dom 12/01. Main: Daedalus project jvx 94 removable slider - 80 jumps (red white black) 1.5 year old. Standard slider. Reserve: Performance Design 143 Optima reserve dom 06/08 (no jumps). AAD Speed Cypres 2 - 5/13. Hook knife
Cookie helmet $150.00. double gopro mounts, chin cup.
Optima 2 $200.00, hardly used.
Brand new un-used cypres packer’s kit $50.00
Reserve packing tools $120.00 incl. plate - reserve tensioning tool - molers strap.
Deepseed free fly suit $100.00, red and black, for 80kg & 183cm, camera fly jumper - $50.00
or $5000.00 the lot
Please call Peter 0400443531 or email for more info or photos. Click HERE for full advert.


Javelin rig (1997) with main canopy - Silhouette 170 (2004). Comes with a CYPRES 2 (2004) and would fit average build and height. The reserve is due for a repack. Included is a wrist altimeter and an audible altimeter both in pristine condition. Out of the two helmets one is a full face paratec size medium with multiple foam inserts. If you're interested in this complete system sling me a message and I can send more photos.
Price: $4000
Contact George on 0447445861

GeorgeWalker-FitzgeraldJav GeorgeWalker-FitzgeraldJavF

Main Canopy: PD Sabre 2 190 in excellent condition. DOM 06/2012. 197 Jumps so I've just made it a little easier for you to pack. No damage and always packed indoors. I purchased this canopy new and have just down-sized. Located in Melbourne. Home DZ Nagambie. $2,100. Call Guy on 0405 714 468.


Javelin j3k, d18. PD 160 reserve. Safire 169 main. new brake lines, Cypres 2 only 2 years old. Container and harness in great condition . This is my old rig, the person who purchased the rig from me put about 5 jumps on it and is no longer jumping. This is the most comfortable rig I have ever worn. All in top condition. $5500. For pictures and any questions contact Marc on 0451535932 or

1) Mirage G 4 - 1MXS CONTAINER. DOM 11/06. Hip ring. Free-Fly friendly. (Will hold 100sqft main.106 reserve.) Fits male 90kg - 177cm Good condition. $500.00

Contact Terry 0417775170 or


Mirage G4 container, red/black D.O.M. Nov 2004. Reserve: Airforce 140 (Dec 04) CYPRES 2 D.O.M. 10/04. Main canopy: Crossfire 2, 129 - 320 jumps colour blue. Main will fit canopy 129 - 150sq ft.
$4800 Contact Craig 0438431083.
CraigRamplinMirage  CraigRamplinMirageF 

Wingsuit - PF Phantom 3, all the extras. Brand new and unused. Blue and Black - looks awesome. Suits 183cm - medium build, size 10 foot. Wanted to start flying but never did. Cost $1290, will sell for a reasonable offer. Picton or Sydney to view. Call Phil 0411 396 621.


Selling main canopy: Aerodyne Pilot 168. DOM 06/2009. 430 jumps. Canopy has been in storage in my home. Great condition. $1,400 AUD, buyer pays shipping.
Location is in Melbourne CBD. Contact Trent on 0402 662 442 or on



Selling 1 Complete Rig, 2x Jumps Suits, 2x Altimeter’s and extras. Selling everything due to purchase of a new house.
Would prefer to sell as a package. $10,000 worth of Gear, will sell everything for $8000 ONO.
1. Talon FS, DOM 5/2012, Size FS-6, AAD & RSL fitted. Grey & Blue, Like brand new only 68 jumps total.
Main Canopy: Icarus Safire 2 189, Grey & Blue, Also like new only 68 Jumps.
Reserve Canopy: Airforce 180, White, 0 Jumps.
Ready to Jump, reserve re-pack not due until June 15.
2a. Deepseed Freefly Suit, White/Grey/Blue stripe, to suit 180cm and medium build. DOM 2012 50-60 jumps.
2b.  Airsuits Rel Suit, Grey/Black/Green Stripe, also to suit 180cm and medium build. DOM 2011 30-40 jumps.
3. Cookie Rok Helmet, with adhesive Go-Pro Mount attached.
4. L&B Alit Track, Black & L&B Solo2 Audible Alti.
5. Will throw in all other accessories I have, Rubber Bands, Goggles, Gloves, Pull-up Cords ETC.
I have all documentation regarding the CYPRES AAD, and Reserve Canopy service history.
Located in Brisbane, Always jumped at Toogoolawah and serviced there also. Contact Adrian, 0415 582 357, 

AdrianVanTrierTalonB AdrianVanTrierSafire AdrianVanTrierSuit2a AdrianVanTrierSuit2b
1. Talon 1. Safire
2a. Freefly Suit 2b. RW Suit
AdrianVanTrierHelmet AdrianVanTrierAlti  AdrianVanTrierSolo  AdrianVanTrierAccesories 
3. Helmet  4. Alti  4. Solo  5. Accessories 

1) Complete rig $3000. Icon I1 - DOM 07/2010. 150 jumps. Main: Pilot ZXP 117. DOM 11/2010. 80 jumps. Reserve: Techno 98, DOM 02/2000. 0 jumps. Container would fit someone around 155-170 cm, small build. Has RSL, BOC, articulated harness. In very good condition! Will include a spare cut away and reserve handle. Can change reserve to Smart 99 DOM 2006. 0 jumps - total cost of rig with Smart reserve $3200. (Max reserve size for container is a Smart LVP 120)
2) Container and Reserve: Vector 3- Micron- DOM 2000. Container (V304) should fit someone around 155-175 cm, small build. RSL, BOC, articulated harness. In good condition. Reserve : either Techno 98 DOM 02/2000 0 jumps. or Smart 99. DOM 2006 0 jumps. With Techno $700 or with Smart reserve $900.
Please contact Michael Strickland 'Stricko' Email: Phone: 0414 395 528.

MichaelStricklandIcon MichaelStricklandVector3
 1) Icon  2) Vector 3

Phantom 2 Wing Suit for sale $500. Approx. 60 jumps, excellent condition, no tears or abrasions. Fit 180cm, 80 -90 kgs. Located in Canberra, call Phil James 0448 062 924.



Container: Tear Drop #2983 D.O.M: 7/90. 529 Jumps. Adjustable leg straps, fit any size. Main: Sabre 135, 529 Jumps, still in great condition. DOM ~ 93. Reserve: PD 143. # 0309, D.O.M 1/90. Last repack 11/2/02 Will throw in altimeter. $2,250 o.n.o. Also for sale is a Razor Sports relative work jump suit, good size boosters. Small size & tight for 50-60kg person. Still in excellent condition. $100.
Last jumped 23/6/02. Stored in gear bag last 13 years, in wardrobe.  Located - Ballarat Vic: Contact Darren; 0413 308 703 or


DarrenStephensTeardrop DarrenStephensSabre

Skydiving cameraman complete starter kit.
This kit is great for the 150 to 300 jump skydiver looking into doing some serious camera work on the dz. Whilst the Cx100 and the 450slr can really nail the job, I also used the gopro for back up or for when I didn't need the high quality stills that the 450slr can do.
2 x goggles (one brand new set)
1 × CX100 with 45 - 30mm cookie lens with marumi 46mm uv haze filter (includes a spare battery)
1x large Cookie helmet with liquid flat lock camera mount on top, 2 x go pro mounts and cx 100 mount and hypeeye setup including hypoxic switches.
1 X GoPro hero with cables and some accessories and mounts.
1 X copy of Wesley Snipes movie DROP ZONE.
1 X Canon rebel XTI EOS slr with sigma EX 10-20mm lense with B & W polarized filter (takes amazing pics).
1 X Canon camera bag. 1 X lens/filter case.
2 x bags of rubber bands
1 X cloth duct tape (for the essentials)
1 X Log book
1 X Cheetah gloves (for cold days)
1 × Deep Seed loose fly camera jacket (not pictured here) to suit average build and height. Black front, Dull white back, camo arms

Included are all available user manuals and cases set up cds etc. Best offer takes the lot. May split it up if need be. Make a fair offer and get a fair response. All in Queensland. Buyer pays postage. Also note. If I get a bid that's about what I would like to get for this gear... I also have a few goodies to throw in.
Contact Matthew  on 0478088068 or


Talon FS DOM 12/2012, Main Safire2 209ft DOM 11/2012, PA Airforce reserve 220ft DOM 12/2012, Cypres 2 DOM 10/2012. Basically brand new has 5 jumps on it. Made for 186.5cm 96kg. Located Townsville. Contact Nic on 0424 050 700 Email for more photos or questions. Asking $6900.00.

NicPhillipsTalonB NicPhillipsTalonF

1) Galaxy lll glowface altimeter 41 jumps $150
2) Optima ll audible less than 10 jumps $280
3) FX carbon fibre helmet, audible pockets both sides, med 57/58 cm. less than 10 jumps.$50
4) Spirit Skysports custom rel suit, booties/2x internal phone/pull ups pockets. medium size 170cm/175cm height/ up to about 85kg. only 40 jumps, cost $660 new. asking $500. buyer to pay postage. gear located 55 mins from Mudgee, NSW. Contact Tim on 0263761216.

TimCottleGalaxy TimCottleOptima TimCottleHelmet TimCottleJS

Talon 2: DOM 1999, will fit medium size person. Approx 1,500 jumps. Main: Stiletto 135 DOM 3/99. Prior to me buying it in 2005 it had approx 1,000 jumps. I had a new line set put on and have done approx. 1,500 jumps on it. Reserve - Airforce 120. No AAD.
Sale price $2,200. For an unbiased opinion of the rig call Rory Hatchett; master rigger based at Sydney skydivers. (0412 908 071) Any questions send me an email on: or give me a call, Guy: 0419 223 836

GuyTaylorStiletto GuyTaylorTalon GuyTaylorTalonF

Container: Mirage G3 MT DOM 17/8/2000 Harness size 16” 17.5” +0.5” made to fit 171 cm 75Kg male well maintained and in good condition for its age approx 1800 jumps $600
Main: PD Velocity 103 DOM 8/2011 Vectran 500 exactly 135 jumps $2600
Contact Andy Hardy email: or Ph:0419808392

AndyHardyMirageB AndyHardyMirageF AndyHardyMirageVelo

Rigging Supplies for Sale - ALL NEW & UNUSED in Perfect condition.
1 X CYPRES Packer's Kit
4 X 50m CYPRES loop
3 X CYPRES Temp Pin
2 X Packing Paddle - 1 wood, 1 aluminium tapered.
50 X PA Reserve Packing cards.
3 X PD Sports Reserve Soft Links.
2 X PD Sports Main Soft Links.
1 X 500 jump log book (4 logs per page)
Buyer pays postage from Cairns. New price for all is about $430 AUD + Postage (from Para Gear) Will sell for $300 ono. Contact Michael on or 0411553469.

MichaelWildish1  MichaelWildish2 

1) Wingsuit - Squirrel COLUGO fit 182cm, 75kg - $950. Approx. 100 jumps - good condition - no holes/no repairs.
2) Wingsuit - Squirrel COLUGO fit 170cm, 63kg - $950. Approx. 100 jumps - good condition - no holes/no repairs.
Located on the Gold Coast in Australia. Contact Lynda on 0403891514.

LyndaGaiaoSquirrel182cm LyndaGaiaoSquirrel182cmFitted LyndaGaiaoSquirrel170cm LyndaGaiaoSquirrel170cmInflight
 1) 1)
2) 2)

Container: Talon FS D.o.m: 2003 approx. 70 jumps since purchased 2nd hand. I'm 186cm 88 kg so it's a larger harness. Main: Sabre 2 170 new lines with 40 jumps on them. Chute is blue, yellow, grey. Main has approximately 40 jumps on it since purchased. Reserve: Air force 160 no rides from me, repack needed. AAD: Cypres Expert DOM: 2004. G3 cookie full face, near new. Viplo altimeter near new. All gear is in good condition.
Selling all for 3000!! Need it gone. Contact Michael on 0427772981

MichaelMilnerTalon MichaelMilnerTalonSideF MichaelMilnerHelmetAlti

Reduced Prices! Helmet: Cookie MVX + additional insert + video and still camera switches + quick shoe release and side mount: $250.00
FF Jumpsuit for sale: Tonfly UNO.619 Free fly suit Red, black and grey. Only 69 jumps.169cm Tall, Chest 108cm, Belly 95cm, Thigh 57cm $350.00 ono

Gear is located in Geraldton/ Jurien Bay, WA. Contact Arno on 0477 020 007 or

ArnoVanVuurenSuit.jpg Arno van Vuuren CookieMVX Arno van Vuuren  Helmet Accessory 

Main canopy for sale: Katana 107. DOM 03/2013. 231 jumps. Excellent condition all round. $1,700 AUD, buyer pays shipping. Contact Matt on for more details/pics.

MattHartKatana107 MattHartKatana107Colours

Talon FS DoM 12/2009. Approx 200 jumps. Black, Purple and green writing. I am 172cm tall, medium build and is a snug fit. Perfect for same height or shorter. Excellent condition. Main: Parachute Systems, Hurricane 150, approx 200 jumps in great condition. Red with blue centre cell, elliptical. Reserve: PA Airforce 160, DoM 12/2009, never used. Will require repack. Cypres 2: 4 yr service complete 4/2014, 8 yr service due 12/2016 Equipment is located in Ipswich, QLD. An extremely regrettable sale but not jumping anymore and has just been sitting in the cupboard.  Will not sell separately. $5500 + postage.
Contact Brychan on and 0400903017

BrychanHawkerTalon BrychanHawkerTalonS

Talon FS DOM 2/13, fully articulated with stainless hardware. Would fit larger person, 185 Tall 115 chest 65 thigh. Main is a Icarus Safire 2 189, Reserve Airforce 180 DOM 2/13, never used and fitted with a Cypres2 never fired due for battery on 5/15. Container, reserve and cypres all purchased by owner. New main. Is in good condition has just over 1000 jumps. $6000

Contact Shannon 0409740250 or

ShannonWadeTalonB ShannonWadeTalonF ShannonWadeTalonRS

Wings container (DOM 08/99) suit med/lge frame. stainless rings. BOC. Main is 101 Icarus FX, V good condition, 800 jumps on it. c/w bag& pilot chute (DOM 2005). Reserve 120 AF, red, used twice, V good condition (DOM 09/00). Line set has 200 jumps on it. V good condition. This gear is good to go (once reserve has fresh repack) and is for the experienced jumper.
Contact Steve on or 0425269603.

SteveCampbellWings SteveCampbellCanopy

PA talon 21" Risers. 5o jumps on them. $180 ono. Located Mackay Queensland. No photo but can organize if you require. Contact Tristan on or 0423495825.

BRAND NEW Dolphin Container For Sale Has All Stainless Hardware And Fittings And Buckles And Handles, BOC, Cypres, Collapsible Zero P  Pilot chute With Hacky Sack Handle, Main Canopy Is A Zero P Triathlon 160, Reserve Super Raven 180* All Brand New Never Been Jumped. Gear Comes With Heaps Of Accessories 3 Jump Suits Like New, 1 Wrist Alti, 1 Digital Alti, Various Goggles, Various Emergency Cutaway Knives, 1 Ditter, Various Alti Chest Mounts,  2 Streamer Packs For Demo’s, Wind Meter, Gloves, Gear Fits Someone Around 174 Centimetres’ 85 Kilo’s  Will Not Separate Must Be Sold As Package $6000. ONO. Contact Bill on or 0438008220.

BillStevens 2 BillStevens 12 BillStevens 14    
BillStevens 3 BillStevens 11 BillStevens 13     
BillStevens 15  BillStevens 16  BillStevens 4     
BillStevens 6  BillStevens 7  BillStevens 5    
BillStevens 1 BillStevens 9 BillStevens 8    

GoPro 2 and Glove. Skydive glove, GoPro, 2x batteries, 2x sim cards ready for tandem ops. Also comes with waterproof housing and other standard mounts and accessories.
$250 Contact Richard on 0419 002208.



Talon FS D.O.M June 2011. approx. 250 jumps. Black, red and bit of white. Mesh padded back and legs. Main: Crossfire 2, 129 D.O.M June 2011. approx. 250 jumps. Red with black and white end cells. Reserve: Airforce 140 D.O.M June 2011. Cypes 2 fitted. All original set up from new and one owner. All in excellent condition and very comfortable rig. (freefly friendly). Asking $6,200 ono.

NickKontrafourisTalon1  NickKontrafourisTalon2  NickKontrafourisCrossfire 

Wingsuit Vampire V3 approx. 20 jumps. All in excellent condition. Suit someone approx. 180cm tall with average build. Colour blue, white and black. Asking $1,250 ono.

Contact Nick on or 0408 269 009. Located in Sydney.

NickKontrafourisWingsuit1 NickKontrafourisWingsuit2

Ozone cookie helmet- size medium. Worn less than 5 times. Comes with medium and small padding inserts and fleece bag- $200 plus buyer pays shipping. (Shipping from NT)
Contact Nicole on or 0429642642.


Camera Suit: Made by To suit 180 cm / 5'11, ~70 kg / 155lb Near new. Approx. 10 jumps Large boosters, big wing, thumb loops. Spandex arms, slick torso. Black/purple. AU$250 + postage
FF suit: Made by To suit 180 cm / 5'11, ~70 kg / 155lb Very good condition. Approx. 50 jumps. Black/purple with orange binding. Velcro closures on wrists and ankles AU$200 + postage
Images available at Contact Matthew Rowles 0438 330 779.


REDUCED PRICES! Girls RW Suit with boosters by Airsuits. This suit is dark blue and silver/grey in great condition and only about 100 jumps old. The suit was made for a female 169cm and 56kg - $180 + postage ONO
Neoprene cover for SLR camera, made for Canon 450D but will probably fit others. Like new - $25 including postage
Neoprene glove wrist mount for CX100 like new $20 including postage.
Contact Paul 0415 735 742 or wainyis AT

Container: Mirage G4, DOM - 26/06/2012, 9 jumps. Main: PD Pulse 170, DOM - 04/2012, 17 jumps. Reserve: PD Optimum 160, DOM - 04/2012, 9 jumps. AAD: Cypres 2, DOM - 08/2012, 9 jumps. I'm 175cm/75kg and it's quite a snug fit. Complete system purchased in 2012 for over $8,000. Selling for $7,000 ONO.
Also selling black Sonic freefly suit with red pinstripes, Bonehead Revolve full face helmet with Contour mount, Optima II audible altimeter.
Call, text or email Jack for details. 0405 322 395.


JackLeMessurierMirageB.jpg JackLeMessurierMirageF.jpg

Container: Javelin A14 - RSK-1 Is a good fit for someone of a smaller build, approx. 160-170cm tall 55-70kg. Main: None. Reserve: PD 113, zero rides. AAD: Vigil 2.
The system is in excellent condition, freefly friendly, it has a maximum of 550 jumps. I was jumping a 107ft main which was a nice fit but I have also jumped a 120ft crossfire in this system. New D-bag and pilot chute approx 100 jumps ago, the bridal is longer than standard so good for anyone wanting to wingsuit.
Contact Kristy on or 0435024221.

KristyWilliamsJavB.jpg KristyWilliamsJavF.jpg

VECTOR 3 DoM Sep 2002. Purple and black tie die with fluro yellow pin striping on centre. New leg straps, ultra long chest strap, white 23 inch swoop risers, risers in pic are red but have been replaced with the white ones. Stainless steel hardware. Rig was built for 175cm and 75kg.
PD RESERVE 113 DoM 03-2002 blue, 3 rides.
Price $1900. Located in Sydney. Contact Fully on or Facebook


FullySikV3.jpg FullySikV3F.jpg

PD Competition Velocity 79 DOM:10/2012. It has approximately 200-250 jumps on it original vectran 500lbs Orange lines. $2500, please contact Duncan at


Ozone cookie helmet- size medium. Worn less than 5 times. Comes with medium and small padding inserts and fleece bag- $200 plus buyer pays shipping. (Shipping from NT)
RW jumpsuit- fit female size 8 or 10. I'm 164cm tall. Purple, black and Aqua colours. $40 plus buyer pays shipping.
Contact Nicole on or 0429642642.

Container: Javelin NJ. DOM 2000. 1000 jumps. Reharnessed 50 jumps ago. Canopy: Stiletto 120. 1000 jumps. Relined 50 jumps ago. Reserve: Tempo 120. 2 saves.
Custom made for 5"9 and 70kg. 1 owner. All in great condition. Yummy colours as shown in pix.
$3000 ono. I am located in Byron Bay (NSW), and am happy to send to Rigger, DZSO, CI etc at buyers expense. Contact Theresa Email:

TheresaMalinJav TheresaMalinStiletto

Sabre2 135 D.O.M 08/2007 All red with one lime cell. Done about 500 jumps still in good nick $500 and I will post anywhere in Australia. Call or text Simon Thomson on 0487 672 403.

REDUCED PRICE! Talon T3 container (Rigging Innovations),in brand new condition has never been jumped, was new old stock, everything is unused dbags risers pc's etc. Fits up to 120 reserve and 120 main. I'm 5.5 and 135lbs fits me and would fit bigger or smaller. Only selling as I needed something to fit bigger canopies. Can email pictures. Has RSL and hook knife. May swap for AAD, bigger containers or canopies etc.
$550.00. Located in Mackay QLD.
Contact Brett on  0403 218 132 or

REDUCED PRICE! Container: Talon T2 D.O.M 12/97 400 jumps approx. To fit small to medium build female. In excellent condition.  Main: Sabre 135  Approx 600-700 jumps. May require a reline otherwise great condition. Reserve: Airforce 120 D.O.M 12/97 Used once. (Jade) Perfect condition. AAD: Expired
Gear has not been jumped for last 7 years.  Always stored in gear bag inside house. Will also throw in Small Factory Diver Helmet (blue/purple) and gear bag!
$2500. Contact Naomi 0411 951980 or
NaomiSilverTalon NaomiSilverSabre

REDUCED PRICE! Talon 2 Harness container DOM 10/2000, 800 Jumps. Main Canopy Stiletto 135- 04/2004 600 jumps. Reserve canopy AF 140 dom-10/2000 2 rides. AAD expired. $2000 ONO. Contact Martin on or 0409 204 749. Will regard any offers! (Feel free to make any).

MartinFordTalonB MartinFordTalonF MartinFordStiletto

2004 Jav J1. Tempo 150 reserve. 2006 CYPRES2 (speed). Requires reserve repack & CYPRES service
$2500.00 Contact Des on or 0402 156 139.


These canopies can take up to 152kg exit weight on the Nav 260 and the Nav 240 up to 130 KG. Canopies only used for Static Line operation so no Terminal openings. They have the look and feel of a new canopy
3 X PD Navigator 260 DOM08/2011/ -04/2011/ - 07/2011
2 X PD Navigator 240 DOM09/2011/ -02/2012/
$590.00 each or $2,500.00 for all 5. Canopies are located in Brisbane.


Bank TR /Credit Card or Pay Pal accepted if required Shipping extra
PH John 0448391248

2x Strong Dual Hawks Tandem rigs with passenger harnesses.
SET 400 Mains with Master Reserves.
Each system maintained by Downward Trend Rigging Services
Excellent condition.  2009 Vigil 2 AAD's included.
Taking up another sport.
Rig 1 (yellow drogue) 136 total jumps, 0 reserve rides
D.O.M. 2006  Ser #611043
Rig 2 (orange drogue) 82 total jumps, 0 reserve rides
D.O.M. 2009  Ser #906459
Both PAX harnesses Y-mod embodied
Comes with a complete spare drogue (blue) & bridle, 2x kill lines, 2 sets of chicken handles and 2 sets of drogue release handles.
2x Tandem over goggles (for students with specs)
Both with original Strong holdalls
Reserves exp 18 July 2014 but will sell to the buyer with in date reserve re-packs (Australia) - at sellers cost.
$ Offers to sell rigs as a pair
Contact Steve  0447 987363

SteveNaldenYellow Rig SteveNaldenOrange Rig SteveNaldenCanopy SteveNaldenSpare Drogue
Rig 1 (Yellow drogue) Rig 2 (Orange drogue)
Set 400 Spares

Student Canopy. Safire2 260, DOM 10, 100 jumps, $1500
Contact Paul on or 0413 172 180.

Two tandem canopies for one low price - 1st is a Set400 (see pic) around 300 jumps, original line set in good condition. 2nd ET425 around 800 jumps with new line set just fitted. Both for $500 + postage. Call Terry for more details 0419 289 769.


Jump Aircraft for Sale VH-BJL Cessna 182m 1969
TTIS 8134. ETR 1980 approx .P Ponk o 470-50  260 HP. PTR  500 approx .3 Blade McCauley 401C. VHF Radio A200. EDM 700 engine monitor.
Pilot operated Jump Door. Heavy nose gear. Wing Extensions (AUW 2950 Stc). Horsham Cowl mod Cleveland wheels and brakes.
Tidy Paint and appearance. Pilot plus 5 jumpers cabin.
Asking $110,000 Offers and trades considered.Hangared H15 Redcliffe Queensland.
Contact Neale Keag PH 07 3286 2420